Monday, April 1, 2013


Boltenhagen is a small seaside resort on the Baltic Sea in Germany. It is close to Lübeck and Wismar.

Day 176

Boltenhagen is a holiday town and there are many tourists there, especially in the summer months. You can choose if you want to stay in a hotel or a holiday flat. That's up to you.
As everywhere in Germany you have to pay visitor's tax when you want to be at the beach but there is a pier as well and it's free to go onto it.

You can either be at the beach the whole day when you are in Boltenhagen or you can hire a bike and take a tour along the coast or into the country. There are many scenic streets that are great for cycling. When you don't want to cycle you can step into the small train "Carolinchen" and go onto a trip to the steep coast or other destinations.
If you have enough of the beach and nature you can visit one of the castles or churches which you can find around Boltenhagen. A great place to go to on rainy days is the butterfly park in Klütz. There you can watch different butterflies and it's nice and warm in the rainforest-like glass dome.
It is no problem to find a nice restaurant or café after a day on the beach and you have supermarkets and bakeries at hand, too. Close to the town centre you can find a shop called "My Choc" where you can decide what you want to have in your chocolate (i.e. cranberries, walnuts or coffee) and you can pick up your special chocolate the next day. Very good.
In the town are also many little shops where you can buy clothes, different products made out of sallow thorn or the typical tourist stuff. If you want some bigger shops, you have to visit Wismar, which is not so far away.

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Friday, March 29, 2013


The Wisentgehege is a deer park in northern Germany where you can watch European animals. It's open all year round.

Day 263
Wolves in the Wisentgehege

First, the Wisentgehege was only for breeding European bisons and that's where it got it's name from. Now you can find around 100 different animal species there including Przewalski’s horses, wolverines, elks and different deer species.
One of the main purposes of the deer park is the conservation breeding of endangered animals but it's also a shelter for injured birds of prey.

The deer park is situated in a woody area with old trees and nice paths to walk on. Some of the animals are in enclosures but some, like the deer, have a wide space almost like in the wild. During the day there are different "shows" the visitors can watch. You can see feedings of different animals or an air show with the birds of prey. There is a lot to learn in the Wisentgehege, not only about the animals but about nature in general, too.
They are always building new enclosures for the animals and try to keep them in a natural way. You can spend a day in the Wisentgehge and take a picnic along with you if you want. There are many nice places where you can sit and eat but there is also a restaurant when you don't want to take food along.
The Wisentgehege is a great place to watch European animals in a nature like environment and to spend a nice day with your family.

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