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Hamelin (Hameln)

Hamelin (or Hameln in German) is a town in Lower Saxony, which is famous for the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Day 176
Picture: Hochzeitshaus (foreground) and Marktkirche St. Nicolai

Hamelin is situated at the banks of the river Weser. From here you can start boat tours to Bodenwerder or other cities along the Weser during the summer months.
The city started with a monastery and became a fortified town later on. You can still see some parts of the city wall but it's not a lot left of it. When you are walking in the pedestrian area of Hamelin you can see many half-timbered and stone houses, which are in the stile of the Weser Renaissance.
In and around Hamelin are many places to go for a walk. Along the Weser you can also find hiking or cycling trails, which give you a beautiful view of the landscape around you.
When you are in the city, it can happen that you meet the Pied Piper on the street. He can be hired for guided tours of the city through the tourist information. During the summer months, you can watch a performance of the story of the Pied Piper every Sunday on the stage you can see on the picture above.
You can visit different churches, the museum and other parts if you want to get to know Hamelin better. It's also a nice place for shopping with a big shopping mall and different shops in the pedestrian zone. If your feet are tired from walking, you can find many caf├ęs or restaurants to have a rest. Some nice places in summer are the beer garden and restaurant on the Werder, the island in the river Weser. If you ask someone for it, they can sure point you into the right direction.
Hamelin is a nice town with a lot of history and great architecture, which is really worth a visit.

You can find more information here:
Stadt Hameln (German and English)

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