Welcome to this blog of places, which are worth a visit.

The places presented here can be buildings, cities, viewpoints, beautiful landscapes or seasonal events. The blog shall be a help for you when you are trying to plan a trip somewhere and don't know what sights or other things you can look at there. It shall also be a place for photographers who are constantly searching for new and interesting places for taking pictures. I'm one of those too.

There will be posts about different places or events, which you can find in the blog section. You can either search a place when you click on the different categories or you can use the search field. All of the posts will be linked to a map, which you can find under map, so why don't you use the map for your search?

I hope that I will get help with the posts for different places and also some help with the pictures because I want to include some pictures as well. If you have a place you want to include here leave me a comment on the guestbook page or on one of the posts and I come back to you. I can't host your pictures, so it would be great if you could store them on your webspace.

Please respect the copyright of the pictures on this page! They are only there for viewing and not that you use them as your own pictures.

I hope you'll enjoy this page.