Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Basel Münster

The Basel Münster was originally a Catholic church but is a reformed Protestant church today. It was finished in 1500.

Day 180

Inside and outside of the Münster

The Münster is already beautiful when you look at it from the outside. It is built out of red stones with a patterned roof. There is a kind of terrace behind the Münster from where you have a beautiful view over the Rhine and a part of the city of Basel. On the outside of the church are several statues, which are made out of the same stone as the building. I really liked to walk through the big and small cloister, which are on one side of the Münster. The inside of the Münster is rather simple but that can be beautiful too. You can look at some beautiful coloured windows or the interesting pulpit. It is no problem to take pictures inside the Münster but there is also a small shop where you can buy postcards and things like that.

You can go up onto the tower as well and it is only 242 steps to get up there. It costs you a small amount of money to get into the tower, which you can either pay in Euros or Swiss francs. During your climb, you can see the bells of the church. The last part of the climb is a bit steep but it is manageable. From the tower you can look over the timbered houses of Basel or the Rhine and on a clear day you can even see parts of the Black Forest. Definitely a beautiful view from up there.

If you want to read more, you can have a look here:
Das Basler Münster (German)

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