Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ulmer Münster (Ulm Minster)

The Minster in Ulm, Germany is a Lutheran church, which was completed in 1890.

Day 269
Inside the Münster

You can visit the Minster for free and it is allowed to take pictures inside. I'm not an expert in architecture but the inside of the Minster is really beautiful with high ceilings and beautiful details everywhere. The wooden choir is definitely worth a look and there are several small chambers you can visit as well. Another beautiful sight are the colourful windows, especially when the sun is shining through them. If you want to light a candle for someone you can purchase them in the church for a small amount of money. On the inside and outside you can find different sculptures and the altar is beautiful too.

The steeple is 161.5 meters high and you can climb nearly to the top. You have to pay a couple of Euros when you want to go up but the view you get is definitely worth it. It is 768 steps to the top but you don't have to go all the way because there are three platforms from where you can look at your surroundings. The spiral staircase for the last part is quite narrow and you can only hope that no one comes down while you climb up. The view from the tower is amazing and you can get a good look at Ulm, the Danube or even the Alps when it is a clear day.

When you want to read more, you can have a look here:
Das Ulmer Münster (German)

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