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The Danish island Fanø is located in the North Sea and has beautiful beaches and nature with different animals, which are living on the island.

After the rain
Fanø beach

Fanø belongs to the Danish Wadden Sea Islands and the only way to reach it is via ferry from Esbjerg. The island is only 16 km long and 5 km wide and originated from a sandbank. The main town on the island is Nordby where you arrive with the ferry. Other towns are Sønderho, Rindby and Fanø Bad. Fanø is a tourist island, so you will find many people there in the summer and you have to book in advance when you want to rent a hotel room or a summer cottage but you can also get some last minute. Even more people are on the island when the International Kiteflyer-Meeting is held there in June.

You can explore the island with a car, on foot, with your bike or from the back of a horse.
The beaches are mostly on the western shore and you are even allowed to drive with your car directly down to the water. There are even bus stops on the beach. In the north-west of the island is a huge sandbank, which is called "Søren-Jessens-Sand" and you can explore it on a guided tour. There are huge dunes on some parts of the island but you can also find heath and a pine wood. You will probably spot quite a lot of animals like rabbits, deer and different birds when you wander around. There is a boat tour where you can watch seals when you are lucky but it also gives you a great view of the monument "Men at Sea"

Most of the guided tours and other activities are in the summer months but you can always have a look at the two churches or different museums on the island. You have many options for taking pictures especially with the sometimes fast changing weather.
When you have enough from nature, you can always take the ferry to Esbjerg and spend a day there.

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