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The Atomium was built for the Expo 1958 in Brussels and shows the structure of an iron crystal.

The Atomium

Two sides of the Atomium
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The Atomium consists of huge spheres, which are connected by tubes. The highest sphere is 102 meters tall and shows the best view over Brussels. Today the Atomium is a popular tourist attraction and became the symbol of Brussels. You can get everything with the Atomium on it, from postcards over mugs even small models.

Because of safety reasons only five of the nine spheres are open for visitors. One sphere houses a permanent exhibition, which shows pictures and models of the Expo in 1958. Another sphere is used for temporary exhibitions, which have a scientific theme. You can move between the different spheres via escalators or stairs but the top sphere is reached by an elevator. There is even a kid's sphere where group of kids with accompanying adults can stay for the night.
The outside of the Atomium is already spectacular but the inside is worth a visit as well. The views from the upper sphere are brilliant but you can already see parts of Brussels when you move between the other spheres. In the top sphere is a restaurant where you can dine high above the ground. Some of the escalators are lit in changing colours, which gives the ride up a bit of a surreal feel. When it gets dark outside the spheres are lit up by 2970 lights, which looks really beautiful but the reflection of a sunset on the spheres is beautiful as well.

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